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Municipal Waste

GRE has been invited by the local administrative authorities in 4 Tamil Nadu Municipalities to provide solutions to their municipal waste problems and GRE is investigating the potential for waste – to – power for these municipalities. Project revenues could be on the order of INR 200 Crores.

GRE has tied up with a technology partner for conversion of waste plastic to a fuel distillate (Green fuel) to augment fuel for power generation in modular form. And, GRE has a clean, innovative solution for conversion of municipal organic waste to composted fertilizer as a waste management option for Municipalities.



GRE is developing a proposal for implementation of a waste to power project of about 4.5 MW from palm oil rejects as a substitute for an existing HFO based power plant. Project implementation revenues would be on the order of INR 4 Crore per MW.

GRE is negotiating with Private Developers in Cambodia and Vietnam for implementation of biomass and wind power projects coupled with potential Rural Electrification Schemes. Project implementation revenues could be on the order of INR 5.2 Crore per MW with a minimum of 15 – 20 MW for each country.


For 2 well known Sri Lankan firms, GRE is in the process of evaluating the potential implementation of a 10MW wind farm, for each, at sites that have been approved by the Sustainable Energy Authority. GRE project revenues would be on the order of about INR 4.5 Crores per MW.

GRE has been asked to analyze and evaluate the potential for wind power in one of the higher elevation regions in Sri Lanka by a Private Developer. This could involve a further project of 10 MW.

For TANCEM, GRE is in the process of evaluating their available land, in Tamil Nadu, for implementation of 14 – 16 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) with a total capacity of 3.5 – 4 MW that could bring in revenues of about INR 21 Crores for GRE.



Blades are positioned to maximise wind energy extraction but also to maintain wind flow through the centre of each layer to enhance performance Unique wind induction system is engineered to direct incident wind into the blades (38 % efficiency gain)? Wind induction system operates independently on a monorail Similar to yachts it creates an increase in wind speed



Patented Design Based On A Highly Modified Savonius Turbine With A Unique Wind Induction System New 4 Blades Per Layer Design Improves The Cycloturbine Approach, Overcoming All Limitations Of Previous Approaches Self Starts In Wind Speeds Of 0.5 M/S Generates Electricity From 2.5 M/S



Revolutionary Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Unique Wind Induction System and Blade Design 38% More Efficient Than Competitors Operates in More Locations in Lower Wind Speeds Delivers More Kilowatts Per Dollar Spent International Patents in United States, Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.